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Violet, my grandmother, was a wonderful and generous person who made the best butter pound cake. She made it practically with her eyes closed. She grew up in North Carolina and raised her family in Virginia. She baked pound cakes often and shared them in her home, at church and special occasions for those who requested them. Everyone seemed to agree her pound cakes were among the best they ever tasted.

I am one of five grandchildren and I grew up in Texas. Anytime she visited, she seemed to spend most of her time in our kitchen cooking and baking great southern food for us. She loved cooking for her family and we loved eating her food – especially her pound cakes. Over the years, she became acquainted with many of our friends and neighbors, and shared her cakes with them too. To this day, just mentioning Grannie to those who knew her, evokes fond memories of how she expressed her love for people through baking cakes for them.

I married the love of my life in 1990 and one of my most treasured wedding gifts is a cookbook that she, along with other family members, put together for me. It is filled with favorite family recipes. She wrote out her recipe for pound cake and it is the recipe that is the signature of this company.

A couple months after we were married, my husband, for his birthday, received his own pound cake. After he told her how much he loved his birthday present, Grannie never missed sending him a cake for his birthday. He REALLY looked forward to receiving that cake every year!

Grannie has been gone a few years now but I have tried to carry on the tradition of sharing her pound cakes with family and friends. Recently, at the creative requests of my husband and two sons, we started experimenting with different flavors and ingredients. To our surprise, these experiments yielded results that exceeded all of our expectations. My husband and sons felt that the cakes were too good to keep to ourselves and ultimately convinced me to start this business.

When setting up this business, I couldn’t resist using a name based on the initials they all share - “JPC”. In memory of my grandmother, Violet, the logo includes a violet flower. We hope that our cakes will bring the same taste of southern tradition to your table and comfort to your soul that Grannie’s cakes brought to ours.